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Are you familiar with the installation guidelines for ADA Signage?

When selling ADA Signage to your customers it’s important to be familiar with the ADA installation guidelines as well. In order to be ADA Compliant, an ADA Compliant Sign alone is not enough as it needs to be installed following the installation guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. As you wholesale sign manufacturer, at Elite Letters & Logos we are dedicated to provide the best service for your and your customers. Therefore we have written this article to highlight the most important installation guidelines for ADA Signage.

ADA Compliant Signs - Wholesale Sign Manufacturer - Elite Letters & Logos

ADA Signage Installation Guidelines

Before highlighting the installation guidelines for ADA Compliant Signs, do your remember the sign criteria of ADA signage? Check out one of our previous blogs where we have summarized the basic elements of ADA Signs and their criteria.

We’ll summarize the most important installation guidelines for ADA Signage by answering the following questions.

Where to install an ADA Compliant Sign?

ADA Compliant Signs shall be installed at the latch side of the door. In case of a double door the sign shall be installed on the right side of the double doors. Now you might come across situations where there is no space available at the latch side of the door, or the right of double doors. No worries! The American with Disabilities Act stipulates that in this case you may install the sign on the nearest adjacent wall.

When installing ADA Signage you must always keep a clear floor space of 18”x 18” minimum, centered on the tactile characters. This space should not be intersected by the arc of any door swing between the closed position and 45 degree open position. This is to avoid the possibility of a door swinging open and cause injury.

NOTE: It’s important to note that ADA Signage should never be installed on the door, with only one exception. If you a re located in the state of California, double restroom signage is required. One sign shall be mounted on the latch side of the door and one sign mounted on the door.

Installation Guidelines ADA Compliant Signs - Wholesale Sign Manufacturer - Elite Letters & Logos

At what height to install ADA Signage?  

The height placement is as follow:

  • Minimum Height: Baseline of lowest character must be 48” above the finished floor.
  • Maximum Height: Baseline of the highest character must not exceed 60”above the finished floor.


The Americans with Disabilities Act also includes overhead & projecting ADA Signage. For overhead signs the bottom of the sign must be 80” above the floor. Projecting wall mounted signs must be a minimum of 27” of the floor and have a maximum protrusion of 4” into a pathway.

Wholesale ADA Signage

As your wholesale sign manufacturer we have created a handy ADA Compliance Sheet that you can find here. This sheet is a summary of all sign criteria and installation guidelines for ADA Signage. In case you have any further questions about ADA Compliant Signs for your customers or are ready to start your next sign project, contact us today! Feel free to visit our warehouse in South Florida or fill in our contact form below.

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