Laminated Letters

Laminated letters are increasing in popularity. Using an acrylic or metal laminate on dimensional letters can provide a distinctive look. A combination of materials will create a professional look while maintaining cost effective. Acrylic & metal laminated letters are recommended for interior use, however do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements for outdoor use. Laminated letters are available in different combinations, for example acrylic laminate on foam or PVC, metal laminate on foam or metal laminate on acrylic. Head over to our blog to learn more about the sign options with Metal & Acrylic Laminated Letters & Logos

Acrylic Laminate on Foam or PVC

Give your sign letters a distinctive look by laminating high gloss acrylic to gatorfoam, HDU sign foam or PVC. The edges can be painted to match or contrast the face. These dimensional letters are recommended for interior use only.

Metal Laminate on Foam

Using metal laminate on foam gives signage a very professional look while remaining cost effective. Metal laminate is applied to either 2lb Gatorfoam or 10lb HDU sign foam. These dimensional letters are recommended for interior use only.

Metal Laminate on Acrylic or PVC

Metal Laminate on acrylic or PVC provides the professional look of cast metal but at a much lower cost. With painted edges they make a popular option for lobbies and offices. Laminated letters are durable and are suitable for interior and exterior.

Wholesale Acrylic & Metal Laminated Letters

At Elite Letters & Logos we have been in the business of creating wholesale custom signage since 2006. Our full service warehouse, located in South Florida, has the capabilities to bring to life all of your signage needs. Our extensive knowledge of the sign industry, competitive pricing and quick turn around times make our company stand out. Contact us today if you have any questions about acrylic & metal laminated letters or any other dimensional sign letters. Call us at (561) 296.9798 or request a quote here!

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