Custom Stencils

Flexible for use on flat or curved surfaces, easy to clean and reusable again and again, custom stencils are just the tool to get your job done. Custom stencils from Elite Letters and Logos can be used for easy markings in parking lots or directional information. As your wholesale sign manufacturare we offer a wide variety of stencils, inlcuding Polystyrene Stencils, HDPE Stencils and Dibond Stencils. Additionally, stencils can be created of custom business logos for use in branding. We also offer sign blanks that can be used to fit the varying needs of your projects. Sign blanks can be routed from a variety of materials and can be made in small or large quantities.

Polystyrene Stencils

Our polystyrene stencils for signs for business are made of a durable plastic. Stencils are cut from 1/16” or ⅛” material. These stencils for signs are pliable, so they may be used on flat or rounded surfaces. Custom stencils are easy to clean and can be re-used.

HDPE Stencils

HDPE Stencils offer a more durable option than Polystyrene. These stencils are available in 1/16” or ⅛” thicknesses. Stencils made from HDPE will not allow paint to permeate them. After paint is allowed to dry on the custom stencil, simply flex the material and the paint will flake off.

Dibond Stencils

Dibond stencils are durable and reusable for many applications. Dibond stencils are an excellent choice when your job requires a rigid substrate. These stencils will not bend or break. Dibond stencils make a good choice for parking garage or street stenciling projects.

Wholesale Custom Letters & Numbers Stencils

Custom Stencils are a great solution for many sign applications, therefore as your wholesale sign manufacturer we offer a wide variety of custom stencils. Our wide array of signs & stencils, professional craftsmanship and commitment to quality, make Elite Letters and Logos your go to destination for your wholesale sign needs. We ship nationwide however do not hesitate to visit us in Palm Beach, Florida if you are in the area. Contact us at (561) 296.9798 or email [email protected]

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