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Wholesale Metal Building Letters to make your customer stand out!

Our wholesale Metal Building Letters are a popular sign option today, due to it’s flexibility and durability. They are a great choice for any type of building sign if your customer is looking for a classic and upscale look. As your wholesale sign manufacturer we only use the best quality materials, for the best signs that are made to last. Our stainless steel and aluminum metal letters are the strongest, however continue to read to find out about the different options of Wholesale Metal Building Letters.

Metal Building Letters by your wholesale sign manufacturer

Types of Wholesale Metal Letters


Flat Cut Aluminum Letters are definitely the most popular option, amongst our wholesale metal building letters. There are several reason why they are so popular. First and foremost, aluminum letters & signs are incredibly durable. It provides a great base for custom painting or even for a more sophisticated look with a brushed finishing. In addition to this, they come at a great price and are available in different thicknesses.


If you are looking for a high end and classic wholesale metal sign for your client, bronze letters are a great choice. The bronze finishing offers that upscale golden brown metal color which is popular for many high end businesses like offices and banks. Bronze offers a lot of flexibility and we can provide all your sign lettering and custom logos accordingly.

Stainless Steel

The last one amongst wholesale metal building letters are stainless steel letters and logos. If you are looking for maximum durability and weather resistance, this is the way you want to go. It’s durability is unmatched by other materials. Stainless steel signs and letters are a great choice for exterior building applications that are exposed to a high level of humidity. Considering that we are located in Florida, many buildings, parks, coastal areas and marinas can benefit from these type of wholesale metal building letters.

Wholesale Metal Building Letters for outdoor by Elite Letters & Logos

Wholesale Metal Building Letters

In summary of the above, at Elite Letters & Logos we offer a wide variety of Wholesale Metal Building Letters. We keep in mind your budget, the durability and the design of the sign to present you with the best options of Wholesale Metal Building Letters. If you require assistance with the mounting & installation pattern, just ask and we’ll help you out. As your wholesale sign manufacturer we are dedicated to assist with all your signage needs for all your dimensional sign letters. We are located in South Florida, shipping nationwide. Give us a call today at (561) 270-6919 or request a quote here!

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